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How to Programmatically Retrieve Hardware Information (Product Name, Serial Number, Firmware, etc) in LabVIEW


This VI enables you to programmatically retrieve information about your hardware such as hardware name, serial number, and firmware through LabVIEW.


Using the System Configuration API, it is possible to programmatically retrieve information about the hardware on your system through LabVIEW 2011 or later. You can filter by the name of the desired device (in this example, I am using a GPIB-ENET/1000) and then retrieve a variety of information on that hardware.

Depending on the device, the information you can retrieve includes:

  • Device and chassis info
  • Startup settings
  • Network adapter information
  • System resources
  • Time information

A Readme for NI System Configuration 14.0.1 is available below:


Steps to Implement or Execute Code

  1. You can view all local devices and then filter by device type (as the example demonstrates), or feed the IP address of your device into "Initialize Session.VI".
  2. A conditional for-loop and a property node will search for the hardware by name. Enter the name of the desired device in the string constant field.
  3. Once the desired device is located, the reference will exit the loop, and another property node is used to retrieve specific information about the hardware. This can be customized to include more properties, as described above.



LabVIEW 2011 or later

LabWindows/CVI 9.0 or later

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This code errors if the "ProdName" property doesn't exist for a device. There is a more complete example here: