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CLA Summit 2015 Presentation - “Actor Programming without an Actor Framework”


I gave this presentation at the Americas CLA Summit 2015 in Austin. Slide Stack can be found on NI Certified LabVIEW Architects Community Forum (access limited to CLAs). I am uploading it here for the rest of you, interested in Actor Programming and Messaging Architectures

The PowerPoint 2007 file (zipped), has a fair amount of animations and is best viewed in Slide Show mode.

PDF file includes slide notes. Diagrams & images on slides with animation are stacked and often obscure images farther out along Z axis. Unfortunately, URLs in slides stopped working. But it’s still better than having no notes at all …

Notes include quotes and link to page numbers in the “Agile Software Development” book by Robert C. Martin.



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Thank you for posting this presentation, I had the opportunity to see you give it at the CLA summit and was blown away. 

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