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LabVIEW Freeze DLL vFlash Call

Hello, i want to control vFlash with LabVIEW.

Vector provide a API to control it but it is not implemented to using it with LabVIEW. I have wrote a Library to call the API to Flash my ECU. Hovewer by step LoadFlash LabVIEW complete Freeze and i must shut it down with the Task Manager.


Here is my LabVIEW code and DLL Library Code:



using System;
using Vector.vFlash.Automation;

namespace vFlash
    public class ECU : IDisposable

        private long projectHandle; // Define a private backing field.
        public string ECUname { get; private set; }
        public string ProjectPath { get; private set; }
        public long ProjectHandle { get; set; }
        public uint ChannelID { get; private set; }        
        public uint PercentProgress { get; private set; }
        public uint TimeRemaining { get; private set; }
        public VFlashStationStatus Status { get; private set; }
        public VFlashStationResult Result { get; private set; }

        public ECU(string Name, string projectPath, uint channelID)
            ECUname = Name;
            ProjectPath = projectPath;
            ChannelID = channelID;
            TimeRemaining = 0;
            PercentProgress = 0;

        public VFlashStationResult Initialize()
            VFlashStationResult initializeResult = VFlashStationAPI.Initialize();
            return initializeResult;

        public VFlashStationResult LoadFlash()
            long projectHandle = ProjectHandle;
            VFlashStationResult loadFlashResult = VFlashStationAPI.LoadProjectForChannel(ProjectPath, ChannelID, out projectHandle);

            ProjectHandle = projectHandle;
            return loadFlashResult;
        public VFlashStationResult StartFlash()
            VFlashStationResult startResult = VFlashStationAPI.Start(ProjectHandle, progressCallback, statusCallback);
            return startResult;

        private void progressCallback(long ProjectHandle, uint progressInPercent, uint remainingTimeInSeconds)
            PercentProgress = progressInPercent;
            TimeRemaining = remainingTimeInSeconds;

        private void statusCallback(long ProjectHandle, VFlashStationStatus flashStatus)
            Status = flashStatus;

        public VFlashStationResult Deinitialize()
            VFlashStationResult deinitializeResult = VFlashStationAPI.Deinitialize();
            return deinitializeResult;
        public VFlashStationResult UnloadProject()
            VFlashStationResult unloadResult = VFlashStationAPI.UnloadProject(ProjectHandle);
            return unloadResult;
        public void Dispose()


        // Finalizer (destructor)
            // The finalizer should only be used if the Dispose method is not called.
            // In this case, it is responsible for releasing any unmanaged resources.



And my LabVIEW Code:



Can you give me a advice how to solve this?


Thank You

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I have do some work and write a vFlash VIs, i became no error but still dont work. I have attached all my vFlash VIs.

Can you help me where I have an Error?

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