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Change legend font and size ?


Short question: Is it possible to change the legend text size and font?

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Hello SSK91,


create property node.



Thanks & Regards,
Bharath Kumar
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bharath1991 - This is question is related to the Advanced Plotting Toolkit, not a regular LabVIEW plot.  I don't see how those property nodes apply.


I don't see a way to change the font or test size for legends.  There are VIs and property nodes for labels and text size and font, but not for legends.  I tried changing text defaults, but didn't have any effect on legends.  I don't see another way to do it.  Hopefully the author chimes in!


Seems like an oversight, since looking at the matplotlib there is a way to change text font and text size.  If you really need it you could dig in and change the legend VIs accordingly.  Look at the way the property nodes for labels are implemented, it should be the very similar.


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Hey cstorey!


thanks for your reply and your idea.

I changed the Sub VI that is relevant for the legend. But after running the plot shows still the same text size.

After that i downloaded the source code for the Advanced Plotting Toolkit on GIT. There inside the Python scripts is the text size for the legend on medium and you can not changed it through LabVIEW.


Maybe if i find some time i extend the functionality for the legend funktion.






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Nice work looking into that.


If you do manage to solve the issue please post the fix.  I might use it occasionally and I'm sure others would too!




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