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Launch Remote Actor Dependency Injection RTexe



I'm attempting to work with the launch remote actor function utilizing two cRIOs. I have a working AF application on one cRIO and I would like to spawn a few Actors to run on another one beneath my original top level actor, hoping that the top level actor will be able to interact with them as if they exist locally. 


I have watched this presentation from JustACS and have considered using the nested endpoints, but this approach seems more "AF-ish" and doesn't require extra communication actors mid-tree, or mid -> top of tree. 


My question at this point is that I don't think I have the dependency injection correct for a built exe. The example doesn't seem to address applications outside the IDE either. I believe I have gotten the VI Server settings working and can launch the actor from the Server side without errors now. I encountered some errors while working on the dependency injection. Note: these are built and deployed startup exes.


I first started with something like in the webcast:




And here is mine:



However, I encountered errors on the Server side in the upper proxy vi until I added this loop:



Now the Server side launches, but I don't see any activity from my remote actors. I expect at the very least to have some of the initial logging that happens at the beginning of their Actor Cores happen, even if there are other errors, but I see nothing on the Client side.


Am I missing something simple here on the dependency injection? I attempted to include just a few actors at first, and then added all the actors that could possibly be linked in some way, added subvis to the always include in the build spec, etc.


Any help or pointers here would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


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