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About Install Zyah AF Msg Forwarding Utility

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I installed an old version of the Actor message forwarding toolkit before, and recently I found that it has been updated to version V3, and my Labview version is 2020SP1, and then I reported the following error when installing the new version of VIPM, but the compatible version written on the new version is >= 2020, may I ask how can I install this version correctly

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This is probably more of a VIPM issue, but I can offer some suggestions. 

  • Make sure LabVIEW is closed.
  • Try uninstalling v2 first. 
  • Run VIPM as an administrator. 

Also, please be aware that v3 of the forwarding utility is a breaking change. The API is different from before so if you heavily use v2 or earlier, either be prepared to make changes to your code or hold-off on updating until you are. 

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Yes,it works! Thanks for your suggestion

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