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CVI error on calling CVI dll in TestStand



I am calling Client CVI dll (in a external process) in TestStand step. The call is getting transferred and i am able to debug the external CVI code. But at a point where the CVI code inturn calls another Driver CVI dll code, i am getting the following error:

                            "Lost ActiveX connection to CVI. The CVI adapter will attempt to reconnect on next execution."


My Client CVI dll is a wrapper which makes calls to niDMM dll. The Client CVI dll has included niDMM.fp file in the project. On building the code, the .h file automatically got included.


My problem is at the niDMM_init(...) step in client CVI dll, the execution hangs and i get the above error. What could be the problem??


Kindly help me out as i am new to CVI debugging in TestStand.


Thanks in advance,


Proven Zealot
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Re: CVI error on calling CVI dll in TestStand