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FTC Toolkit f4 Update (Archived)

FTC Toolkit f4 Update (Archived)

Update: This discussion applies to Issues from the 2010 FTC season and is no longer relevant for current FTC competition software. Stay tuned to the front page of the FTC community for any path information throught the season.

The NI LabVIEW FTC Toolkitf4 was released 12/13/2010 and addressed two issues.  This is the second FTC Toolkit release of the 2010-2011 season and is recommended for all teams using LabVIEW.  It is recommended you back-up all of your robot code before installing this update. 

Download the FTC Toolkit f4 update here. 

Previous version
NI LabVIEW FTC Toolkit 2010-2011f3
Current version
NI LabVIEW FTC Toolkit 2010-2011f4
How teams determine their version
In LabVIEW.... Help»About FTC Toolkit...
Issues addressed in this update
  1. Removed a race condition in the Autonomous templates that would allow robots to continue moving after the autonomous period has ended and the robot has been set to disabled.  All teams should migrate code to use the new templates.
  2. Resolved an issue where Calculate Power from would unexpectedly switch from Tank mode to Arcade mode when the VI is targeted for the NXT.
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