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niveristand-python: Use a ChannelReference as parameter

Hello all,


I am currently working on a project using NI VeriStand 2021 R2, doing some RT measurements using niveristand-python.

The task is to measure the on-duration of several analog input channels of a PXI system.


To make my code reusable I am searching for a way to set the input channel as a parameter of the function that is calculating the on-duration.

As far as I understand, I would need to set a ChannelReference as a parameter...By now I was not sucessfull.


Does anyone have some suggestions for this?



Thank you!


PS: attached is some example python code that is working but using a fixed channel

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If you want to reuse the python script on different VeriStand projects, you should configure all those VeriStand projects to have the same channels name.

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Well, ok...


But how can I handle different channels in the same VeriStand project without hard-coding them into the python module?

Any ideas?


Thank you.

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You can use the user channels. Hard code the user channel name in the python script, then change the mapping in VeriStand project as needed.

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Thank you @ZYOng for your reply.


I know I can also go with the user channels. But hard coding is not the solution I am looking for.

However, it seems there is no other way for handling this problem.

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