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Veristand: error when creating a Simulink protected model

Dear all,


I've faced an error when trying to creating a Simulink protected model and adding new targets (command Simulink.ProtectedModel.addTarget(model_name) ) afterwards.


I want to create a .slxp model with support to 3 NI Versitand targets: NiVeriStand_Pharlap, NIVeriStand_Linux_64 and NIVeriStand_Linux_ARM_32.


My set: Veristand 2020 R6 and MATLAB R2017b


I can create a protected model with the "Generate Code Only" tick activated. It doesn't matters which target I select; it goes well with the 3 of them.

However, I cannot add a new target to the .slxp afterwards. I receive always the same error telling that the "Generate Code Only" tick must be activated. The issue is that it's already activated, but I don't know why it's changed....


The issue is raised by the NIVeriStand_codegen.tlc file (lines 106 - 113); picture attached.. 




As mentioned, I activate "Generate Code Only" tick all the time, but I have checked that the GenCodeOnly variable (picture above) is set to true when I create the protected model but set to false when I add a new target to the protected model....


Can someone help me?


Thanks in advacned,

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Where and when is this error occurring?

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