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Veristand Installation PROBLEM on cRIO-9082 RT



I try to install NI Veristand 2012 on my RT target which is a cRIO 9082 RT.


In MAX, I select NI Veristand 2012 RT Engine to install but the installation failed.


The error message is detailled on the picture.


I also try to install NI Veristand 2011 but it doesn't succeed.



On my machine, I have Veristand 2012 and Labview 2012 activated.

I have realised this installation yet on PXI target with NI veristand 2011 and it was a succes.


So I don't understand.

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The VeriStand 2012 f2 patch, which was just released, addresses this issue. You can download it from here or using Update Service.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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I can't answer you before.


I download the patch f2 but i have not found the f1 patch if it exists.

So Veristand is installed on my target but 2012.0.1.


I have also a problem under MAX.


My cRIO modules 9205 and 9064 are not visible on my RT cRIO target.

Morevover, i have a warning icon which indicates a VISA error.


It appears that the cause of this error may be a bad IP configuration but my target is on DHCP and my PC too.


Do you have any ideas about it?


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The f2 patch includes the fixes from f1, so it is not necessary for you to install it. The version you listed for the VeriStand RT Engine looks correct. Did you install Visa support to your target? If you haven't, select to do so.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Hi Kaszubiak,


The behavior you see is expected for cRIO c-series modules - as discussed in the following article. If you have further questions specific to cRIOs, please post your questions on the Real-Time Measurement and Control forum.


Why Can't I See My CompactRIO I/O Modules in Measurement & Automation Explorer?


Real-Time Measurement and Control

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Thanks for the link.


In fact, when i create a RT project, I add my cRIO target and my modules are visible.


But in MAX, there is always the VISA error while on the RT target, NI-VISA is installed.


It's very strange.


Thanks a lot.




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Try using this add-on to NI VeriStand to use your IO without programming

Stephen B
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