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Trouble with deploying models in NI Veristand to real-time target

Hi All,


I desperately need some help with some application i’m working on. I’m trying to read some accelerometer measurements into NI Veristand but coming up with an error all the time during the deployment stage to the real target which i have atttached. I can’t quite figure out what to do about it. I’m using a real-time device with a PXI-4461 module. I have checked that i can read all sensor measurements in MAX as attached. The error message is as follows:


Initializing deployment...

Waiting for the target to report its state...

Initiating FTP connection...

System Definition File -> Acquisition.in4

Restarting system...

Restarting target into run mode...

The target encountered an error and reset. Verify that the system definition file and the target resources are valid. You must deploy a new system definition file or reboot the controller to correct this problem.


Error -200757 occurred at DAQmx Start


Possible reason(s):

Measurements: Sample Timing Type is set to On Demand which is not supported for analog input on this device.

Set Sample Timing Type to Sample Clock. You can achieve this whlie setting related properties through DAQmx VIs or functions for configuring timing.

Task Name: Dev6_AI




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