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Triggering multiple, synchronized logging sessions from LabVIEW



Using Veristrand 2020 R6, LabVIEW 2020, we are building a VI to log data from Veristand to TDMS on the Host PC. The user can organize the data to be saved in groups and select a different logging rate for each channel group. This means starting separate logging sessions for each logging rate.

The question I have is about triggering all these sessions to start simultaneously, so the data is synchronized (to within 1 period) in the file.

At the moment, we are using a digital edge trigger on a dedicated User Channel to start the sessions. This works pretty well but I'm not 100% happy with the fact that this user channel has to be created (with the correct path) on each application to be able to use this logging VI. Also, I'm a little concerned about using the same trigger channel to start several logfiles (in parallel).

Any tips or tricks are welcome.


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So as I understood you are trying to create a trigger in LabVIEW to trigger multiple channels in VeriStand: have you seen this KB: Easily Synchronize and Trigger NI-DAQmx with Channel Expansion

If this is not useful, please elaborate on the requirement.

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