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I am trying to reset a boolen control button due to a specific condition.


For example if I am monitoing when a digital signal is read from low to high I want to change the current state of a boolen button.


In LabView i would of accessed the property node "valve" but I am unsure how  this is done in veristand.


I would also be looking for a boolen button that would have a mechanical action of "switch until released"


ANy help would be appriciated.

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Hi SmoothDurban,


To handle a bool button on the Veristand workspace I usually create a user channel.  I then will create an alarm to monitor an event, use the procedure tied to the alarm to change the user channel value and tie the bool button on the workspace to the user channel.  You can also tie alarms and procedure to the bool button (user channel) so if it is pressed it will run a procedure.  I have 2 alarms, one for ON, one for OFF.


Good Luck.

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Accepted by topic author smoothdurban



I was able to use alarms to toggle on and off switches.  


Thanks for you advice 

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