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Mapping error when Channel name include comma



When I import & export mapping in Mapping Diagram, Error come out if channel name include "Comma" like below.




If I use Bus(Vector) data type at Simulink model, it automatically recognized into set of scalar datas as like below.  (it automatically include "comma" and I can not change name)





What I only can do is make all import/outport block as scalar data and not use bus data type.

but if i have many import/outport blocks, it will be complicated.


Dose anyone have other workaround for it?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


thanks regard

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Thanks for the feedback - I agree that this is a frustrating problem. This is in fact a known issue and I anticipate that it will be addressed in an upcoming release of VeriStand.

A channel name does not support a comma in VeriStand, so making the import/outport block as scalar data seems the workaround for your case.

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