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Is it possible to programatically manipulate the system definition file?

Hi all,


I wonder if it is possible to programatically manipulate the system definition file? We have a client which would like to define their system setups using xml, could we then write an xml parser which could create a working .in4 file?


On another note I also wonder if scaling only is available for model channels and not for e.g. custom devices.




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Hi Martin,


scaling is generally available for all channels in System Explorer as long as they are tagged as such. 

The settings of all channels in System Explorer (but the one of Custom Devices), are driven by R&D. In case of Custom Devices the owner may of the Custom Device specifies the nature of a channel. Depending on your knowledge of the Custom Device API, you might have seen the following VI in the past: 



The cluster defines the type of the channel (the 'Input' is defined as input to the NI VeriStand Engine and the 'Output' is defined as output from the NI VeriStand Engine), the Units, the Default Value, whether the channel can be faulted or scaled. As soon as a channel has the faulting flag set to true, the channel appears in the 



To answer your question about the System Explorer API, you might want to register for the NI VeriStand 2010 Beta program. I can't reveal all the new features in NI VeriStand 2010 in the public forum but I think you are going to find some answers if you join the beta program. Though, it is actually very late to sign up for the beta and I can't guarantee that you still get added to the list of beta customers, but it is definitely worthwile to give it a try. If that doesn't work out, let me know and we try to work out something else.





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