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How to evaluate 64 bit return code from realtime sequence



I'm using the ExecuteAsync method of the StimulusProfile Class to execute a stimulus profile. The stimulus profile only contains one entry: A call to a realtime sequence.


After the profile has finished executing I retrieve the return code of the realtime sequence by opening the result XML-File. 


The xml-node of intrest might light look this:

<TestResult ID="ReturnValue">
          <Datum xsi:type="unsignedInteger" value="2147516544" xmlns="" />



My problem is that the "value" attribute seems to be limited to 32 Bit. The upper 32 Bit of my 64 Bit return code are simply cutoff. How do I get the complete return code?


After I ran into this problem when using the .NET API, I tried to do a "NumericBoundsCheck" evaluation using the Stimulus Profile Editor. As expected, it doesn't work correctly when working with values > 2^32 - 1.


I'm using VeriStand 2012.



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Hi Krid,


could you post a small piece of example code, that we can execute and see the behaviour? 



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Hello Gregor,


I don't think it's necessary to post example code. Just return a value >= 2^32 from a realtime sequence and you will see that the evaluation in the realtime stimulus editor does not work correctly. Also, in the resulting XML-File, the return value will be truncated to 32 Bit.


Meanwhile I have found that this this issue has already been discussed on this board (, but no solution was proposed so far.  


I now run my realtime sequence using the ClientAPI. This allows me to evaluate the full 64Bit.




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This has been reported to R&D under CAR# 495124 for further investigation.


This issue is due to the fact that VeriStand is using an older version of the ATML test results schema that does not support the 64-bit long data type, only the 32-bit int data type. Therefore Stimulus Profile results data cannot contain 64-bit integers.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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