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How to build a lvmodel by script?

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I'd like to know if it's possible and then how to create by script a model to run in veristand from a VI?


I have a soft that generate VIs by script, and I want the soft to generate also the lvmodels based on those VIs.


I hope I'm clear enough. Thank you for your help!



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Possible yes.  API no.


Most items in LabVIEW's tools are found in the labview\project directory.  You'll find the top-level VI for the Generate NI VeriStand Model from VI menu item in labview\project\NI VeriStand\LabVIEW Model Generator.llb\LVSV


The VI is configured to Run When Opened.  You can open the front panel programmatically in order to view the block diagram.  What you do with the source code is at your own risk, NI does not currently support building LabVIEW VIs into models programmatically.  Please consider contributing this idea to the VeriStand Idea Exchange.


Steve K

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Thank you very much Steve!


I'll try as you say. Apparently it's the only one solution to do it automatically.

I've added this idea to the VeriStand Idea Exchange.



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how does one open a vi programattically to see a block diagram? and how does it get pass the vi password?


currently need to use this to procedurally generate simple model files

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