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Graphics disappear when reopening workspace

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Occasionally whenever I run the Workspace for a particular Workspace File the graphs and other graphics that I've created in that file do not appear. When I click on Screen>Manage Items it shows that everything is still there but for some reason I cannot see them. I've assumed that maybe they were just not in a visible area but when I click 'Move to Front' or 'Move Items to Visible Area' nothing happens. This problem usually only arises whenever I close the Workspace and then run the same Workspace a short time after that. It seems the only remedy I've found is to wait around for several minutes before trying to run the Workspace again. I'm hoping this is a known problem with a known fix , but even if it's not any help would be appreciated.


Thank You

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Hello GriffE,


I haven't heard of any behavior like this before.  Does this happen with multiple Workspace files or just one?  Would it be possible to post an example that we could use to reproduce the problem?

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I've been trying to replicate the problem so that I could tell you exactly how to do it but unfortunately it has been hard to get it to do it when I want it to do it. I can say that it has been a problem for pretty much all of the files that I've created. I'm even confident that it would probably do it for the Sinewave Delay file that came preloaded, although I haven't seen it do it yet. Probably one of the most problematic files would be the Tank Control file which I created from a tutorial that I found. I'm not sure how to attach those files without the message board telling me it's an unsupported file type, but like I said it does it for all of my files. All I can say is that it seems to happen whenever I close the workspace and then reopen it shortly after.


I hope this helps

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Hello GriffE,


Thank you for the additional information.  I have done some more research on this and it turns out that you are not alone.  Corrective Action Request (CAR) #155273 has been filed on this problem and it is currently under investigation.  What operating system are you using?  So far we have only seen this problem when using Windows Vista.


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I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
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Accepted by topic author GriffE
Try disabling aero.
Stephen B
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