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Do I preserve parameter values in NI VeriStand custom device?

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I am trying to create a custom device for VeriStand. The custom device needs to have a few parameters which are configurable in the System Explorer and are used in its real-time VI. How can I save the parameter values so that they are retained the next time I open the system definition file? Is the only way of doing this by associating each of these parameters with a channel in the custom device and using the Set Custom Device Channel Default Value VI?





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You can use channels for these parameter values and set the default values as you described. I would only create channels if you plan on needing to change the parameter values at run-time by setting them from the Workspace or from a stimulus profile.


If the parameters are static (for one run at least), then I would just set them as a property on one of the custom device nodes using the NI VeriStand - Set Item Property VI. You can create any number of named properties. Properties can be any value you choose, such as double, array of double, string, boolean, etc. You can set these from System Explorer and they will be saved into the System Definition and available on the RT Target using the NI VeriStand - Get Item Property VI. You can only read them in the engine, not write them, but there is generally a much lower overhead for having properties than channels.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Thank you. That's exactly what I need! I have tried using Item Property and it works.
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