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Custom device for Ballard ARINC 429 Card


 We have one of the Astronics/Ballard ARINC 429 cards (NI Model LV-222-441-000). This is located in a PXI chassis, running real time 2016, and VeriStand 2016. The idea is tho have this card constantly sampling ARINC data, and passing it back to the host PC.

I found some example code to do just this on GitHub under the VeriStand Addon section ( and with a little bit of playing with it, managed to build the usual configuration and engine files for the device.

So the system explorer side of things seem to work fine, and I can configure how I want the card to operate, but when I go to deploy the software to the real time box, it tells me that...


The VeriStand Gateway encountered an error while deploying the System Definition file.

Error 1003 occurred at Project Window.lvlib:Project >> Project Window.lvlib:Command >> NI_VS Workspace ExecutionAPI.lvlib:NI VeriStand - Connect to

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  The VI is not executable.  This error may occur because the VI is either broken or contains a subVI that LabVIEW cannot locate. Select File>>Open to open the VI and verify that you can run it.


I was wondering if anyone else had used this card in a real time environment? One concern I have is that the LabVIEW drivers for the card come in 32bit and 64bit flavours, and seeing as I'm using a 64bit PC, it forces me to install the 64bit version, despite using 32bit LabVIEW. The RT drivers do seem to install ok onto the RT box however, so I'm hoping that this isn't the problem (as getting a 32bit host may be a bit tricky...)


Any help or suggestions would be very welcome


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There a KnowledgeBased article that has a solution for this error you are seeing. 

Error 1003 Occurs During VeriStand Deployment When Using Custom Device


Hopefully this will be helpful.



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Hi Houseofmouse,

 Thanks for your reply. I had actually seen that article previously, and I think it was partly on the right track. Think my problem was that I had changes some of the exclusion settings in the build configuration for the engine library, and so the compilation was trying to find some RT files that are actually depreciated, and no longer part of the RT library...

I seem to have had a bit of a breakthrough day, and managed to get past that problem, and with a liberal use of the Ni Veristand - print debug string, have managed to get the basic custom device to run on the RT target. 

The next step is to see if it gives me the data I want..



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Good to hear that you got through that! Hope everything works out fine for you in the end! 🙂



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Hi Slaine13,

I'm getting similar error while deploying the Arinc 429 custom device to RT target. Can you please explain on how you have tackled the issue? It would be highly helpful for me to solve the problem



Madan Mohan

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Hi MadanMohan,

 Sorry, only just saw this, only a year late! If you are still having problems, I'd be happy to try and help, but I expect you have resolved your issues by now?

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