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Creating channels in veristand with array datatype????

HI all


I want to create channels in VS , in the form of array..Meaning Under my main channel say "a" i can have 10 sub channels with different names b , c , d and so on.

In short i want ot replicate the channel structure like PLC in veristand. IS this possible in custom device or without custom device?


If i dont want to use custom device how can I create the channels in veristand?



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What type of channels are you trying to create? User channels?


You can add folders under the User Channels section to create any hierarchy you want.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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i dont want to create the user channels.


VS channels should be created under the custom device for digital and analog values read and write.

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If you're creating your own custom device in VeriStand, you have full control over the channel hierarchy, and you can make whatever structure you wish.  If you're not the one who created the component in VeriStand, and would like to modify the channel hierarchy, the best way to do that would be to use aliases.  Aliases can be organized into folders to give you a symbolic hierarchy, and each alias would then be assigned to a physical channel (analog/digital read/write, etc).  The best part is that using aliases would have no cost to system performance, since all of the alias-channel pairings are linked at compile-time.  I think this would create a logical hierarchy similar to that of the PLC you mentioned in your original post.  See if this works to get the structure you're looking for.


If you're looking for a true "array" datatype, the only place where this is available is in the model integration components of VeriStand, since many modeling environments utilize vector type data as inputs or outputs.  All other places in the system definition utilize scalar channels for data transportation.  Is your only reason for wanting a vector/array datatype for hierarchy organization?



Kyle T.

National Instruments

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I have created the custom device with the required hirarchy . However i am not able to create the channels with the array datatype .All the channels which I have created under the folder are singal element value channels. I basically wants to have multiple element channel which can have values of multiple elements combined in single channel value.

For eg: Channel 1 has value 4 which means that fourth element present inside this channel (considering it is of array type) has value 1 and remaining elements has value 0.

I hope i have explained it correctly.

With  custom device is there any possibility that i can create channel with such type?

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Hi LV_user1,


I was also thinking that idea years ago... I am using NIVS 2012 and LV2012. As long i realized, NIVS2012 won't work with that idea. You have to create an array of single element in your custom device. Once you have your custom device in system definition, you can use every single element of your folder (let's say: array) for further use.


Hope it can help,






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