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Create demo(template) VS project

Hello Veristand user and NI team.


Please help me out how to add demo (template) VS project on Home screen of Veristand like Engine demo project.



I do not want user to modify I/O part like DAQmx or Custom device, but user want to add new Simulink model and GUI.

So I would like to setup Veristand template project for user to create new each project with existing system definition and screen files.


Like Engine demo VS project, Is it possible to setup template Veristand project?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


thanks regard


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Kudos to this idea.  We currently create a copy of a VeriStand project "template" that has core Alarms, Procedures, User Channels, Aliases, Scan Engine and EtherCAT configuration, etc. for multiple automation cabinets in our lab, which contain identical hardware [1 cRIO + 2 EtherCAT expansion chassis, identical cModules].  This requires copying and renaming multiple VeriStand files within the project and a template, such as what is requested by @Iniesta_Lujan would be very helpful

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