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Array variable in stimulus profile editor


Am trying to assign a array values to Look up table in a Simulation model  from Stimulus Profile Editor 2011. What is the format to assign the array?



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Is the look-up table a parameter or an inport?

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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It is a parameter

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am sorry its a parameter

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There are two main file types used in a test. The real-time sequence is deployed to the VeriStand Engine and runs in the primary control loop. A real-time sequence cannot set a parameter value.


The stimulus profile document is the host-side sequencer that deploys real-time sequences and performs other host-side operations like controlling data logging.


The stimulus profile can also run Workspace Macros, which record and playback various operations the user would perform through the Workspace window. One of the things a macro can play back is the setting of parameter values.


To set a parameter value, you can open the Macro Recorder Tool and start recording, then set your parameter value from the Model Parameter Manager. After you stop recording and save your macro, you can play it back from the Stimulus Profile using the Macro Player step under the Miscellaneous category.


You can then run different macros before running various real-time sequences to run your tests against different parameter sets.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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IS there a way to do it, if i make it an inport?



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You can currently only map scalar channels to sequence parameters.
Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Hi Jarrod_S.,


It's been almost 2 years.. can we now map vector channel (e.g, inport in model) to sequence parameter?





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