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viFindRsrc is have a problem with three or more crates

I have customer who has 4 crates of VXI hardware and in each of the crates it has 1394 VXI Control.  When he runs our client software with three crates or more, viFindRsrc command will give him a error code VI_ERROR_RSRC_NFOUND. The DLL that is being use is one that we wrote and it loads the VISA32.dll dynamic. 
An also when try to do the same thing here with three crates I have not problems. So any suggestions that you have to help me figure this out would be great. Also if could take some time try with any devices that you have would also be great. 
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What versions of NI-VXI and NI-VISA are you using?

How is your system configured? Do you have all four chassis attached to the computer directly using IEEE 1394, or are they daisy-chained off one of the VXI-1394 controllers?

Can you post a NI-Spy capture when they run viFindRsrc? Here is a link to creating a good NI-Spy capture for troubleshooting. Have a great day!


Missy S.
Project Engineer
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