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VXIPC-882 using XP with an SSD



I have had to find out the hard way that SSD drives paired with XP OS is not a good idea without any maintenance game plan for the SSD drives involving regular trimming of the drives.


I have had to support 2 test systems that both died prematurely around the 3 year mark.  Both have exactly the same software and purpose, but the one that gets most of the work load died 6 months ahead of the other.


After doing my own research I came to find out how inportant it is to perform manual or scheduled trimming of the drives on a regular basis to keep the drives performing as close to factory fresh as they can.  If you dont know to perform trimming, you can expect to see increasing degradation over time in SSD performance until the controller becomes unresponsive and eventually crashes and can no longer boot.  A drive backup recovery does not exactly fix the problem either if a trimming session is not performed.


In the VXI user guide or the installation guide there is no mention of being wary or needing to pay attention of the fact that trimming is required maintenance for SSDs running XP.  You only find this out when your system critical hardware goes down and your backups will not work.


The solution is to migrate to the Win 7 platform so trimming happens automatically, or you run some third party or SSD manufacturer application that allows you to schedule trimming of the drive.


I realze this isnt a question.  I just figure that since my forum searches came up empty, it would be nice if some other poor **bleep** had an opportunity to take corrective action on his sluggish VXI controllers based on his findings here.


Mike B.



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