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I have recently purchased a VXIpc-875B controller to upgrade a legacy VXI test system.  After initial power up and default software installation, MAX does not recognize the VXI chassis and additional cards.  I believe that it may be necessary to install the legacy NI-VXI API as the application was developed in LabWindows/CVI 4.01.  The VXIpc 770/870B Series User Manual makes reference to this on page 4-8 but it is not clear how to install this legacy interface.
My desire is to upgrade the hardware with minimal disruptions to the application.  Can someone help identify how to get the legacy NI-VXI API installed and/or have the current system identify the VXI Chassis/
Thanks in advance.
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Hi rgw,
Here is a link about installing the NI-VXI API. It is for installing it in LabVIEW, but in the screenshot you can see the NI-VXI API Development support that you need to have installed. From the NI-VXI API Reference: "Although nivxi.h is the only header file you need to include in your program for NI-VXI, the software distribution actually includes several additional header files along with nivxi.h." You should install the NI-VXI API Development support to get these files.
For new applications, the recommended API is to use NI-VISA to communicate with your VXI devices. It supports both message and register based communication with VXI.
For the recognizing the devices, you will need to run Resource Manager (Resman). See page 4-2 of the user manual. Let me know if you run into any problems with this. What operating system are you using? What version of NI-VXI was installed on the old system?
Missy S.
Project Engineer
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