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NI-DAQ function reference for DAQmx9.0

I am using VXI with LabWindowsCVI6.0 application.

I have PCI-MXI2 card in my PC and VXI-MXI2 in slot0 of VXI chassis.

NI DAQ version 6.6  was installed


Now i have one anthore PC in which i have installed LabView8.6  and DAQmx9.0 first then after i have installed CVI6.0.

I tried to install NI DAQ6.6 but i couldn't because i have already DAQmx9.0 exist in my PC


Now when i open CVI project which  i have develop earlier.I can not get DAQ help for VXI like "SCAN_Setup", "DAQ_DB_Config","DAQ_Config","GPCTR_Control",GPCTR_Set_Application" etc.


How i can have this NI-DAQ help which is coming in earlier version on START>>Programs>>National Instruments DAQ>> NI-DAQ Help



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