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MXI1 upgrade to MXI2

   I installed a pxi-mxi-2 and a vme-mxi-2 in my computer and old test rig that was running MXI-1.  I have done this before and it was a success.  This time, I am gettting errors when trying to write to one of my cards in the rack.  The error says "Labview: An exception occured within the external code called by a Call Library Node.  This might have corrupted Labview's memory.  VI "DISC_OP.VI" was stopped at node 0x364 of subVI vxiout.vi.  Any ideas?
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Hello Chris,

It looks like the DLL that the call library function node in the vxiout.vi is either missing, in the wrong directory, or corrupt.  The best thing to do in this situation is to install the latest version of NI-VXI for PXI_MXI-2 which is NI-VXI 3.3.1.  You also may want to install the latest version of NI-VISA as well which is NI-VISA 4.0.

Daryl E
National INstruments
Applications Engineer

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