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How to config a test system based on VXI bus , PXI bus and GPIB instruments?

I want to configure a test system. It have VXI instruments, and I use 1394 card and E8491; It also have PXI instruments, and I use MXI-4; It have GPIB instruments; and I use NI PCI-GPIB card.
  Now, the problem is, when I install the agilent i/o library for 1394 card on my computer, the max does not find the vxi resourse, but the " VISA interactive control" can find , and it can be controled in CVI. The PXI resouse can not be found by max also. But the instrument in the pxi chassis ni-1044 can be controled, for example, the ni-scope can find the correct instument and control it.
  So what shall I do?

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