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How can I configure and control a non-plug and play VXI card using the NI-controller (NI-VXI/NI-VISA software)?

Defining the slot, logical address and sending data across the card bus are the main operations I would like to perform. The non plug&play card is a VXI send & receive slave card. Low-level programming is probably required. Has anyone tried this before? If so I would be so grateful if you could share your experiences or refer me to someone who has.

Thank you for your time and help,
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VXI cards are, by specification, plug and play, so I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a "non plug&play card." I'm guessing that the card is effectively a VME card. In this case, you can just add the VME device in the proper configuration utility. Here is a link to a document on our website about configuring VME cards (http://ni.com/support/vxi/vmeinfo.pdf).

You should easily be able set the slot, pseudo Logical Address and memory space. Once configured, you should be able to write to registers using NI-VISA commands (viIn, viOut, and viMove). These high level commands are included in the highreg.c example which shipped with your NI-VISA software (installed in vxipnp directory).

I hope this helps.

Trey Hamilton
National Instruments
Applications Enginee
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