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Export VMI Configuration

I am trying to export the VMI-USB system that my Laptop configured and recognized in MAX and move the configuration information over to my PC.  I no longer have the equipment on hand to have the PC do the automatic detection of the VXI-USB controller and the chassiss etc.


Trying to do an Export in MAX does not list the VXI System in the export.


Several threads on here mention the issue, but the Knowledgebase articles offered as a solution are not available any longer.


Laptop has MAX 4.6.2f1  Desktop has 4.6.1f0.  I can update the dekstop to late MAX if needed.


One thing that might be an issue is the laptop was running VXI 3.7 since it is running Windows 7 OS, and desktop is running Windows XP with VXI 3.5.  The ACTUAL hardware where this system runs is using Windows XP and VXI 3.5



Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
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NASA Ames Research Center
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Hi Ryan,


Here is the KnowledgeBase article I believe you were referencing.  I recommend having the same versions of the VXI software and MAX on your desktop machine before attempting to export the configuration.  Please let me know if this helps out.



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