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Share Your Work with Thousand of LabVIEW Users

First of all, my apologies. This is a bit of a repost from an early blog entry. However, we have nearly doubled the group membership here since that first posting, so I wanted to revisit a very important topic. I follow many of the NI communities, specifically those affiliated with local user groups. Across them all, there are a lot of great presentations given at user groups that I believe many others around the world will find extremely valuable. Afterall, why limit your hard work or that of a local contributor to 10 - 20 LabVIEW users locally when thousands could potentially benefit from the information that have chosen to share?

How do you share your presentations?

We've establilshed a process that allows you to easily share techincal presentations with other user group leaders. Simply tag your presentations that you upload into your local community with "ugshare". That tag will feed that content into the LabVIEW User Group Resource Center.

It's a common request of attendees to have access to the slides following your meetings. We encourage you to upload them into your community portal, i.e. ALARM, and then add the aforementioned tag if you think other user groups would benefit from the information.

As you upload and share content a good practice is to include the following:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • PPT. file
  • Supporting files (i.e. VIs)
  • Relevant tags
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