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Question about sample per symbol?

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I want to send IQ BPSK basband waveform . I reviewed EX_PSK_Tx and EX_PSK_RX vis from labview 2014 USRP examples.  Why do I select sample per symbol at least 2 from front panel? I read a lot of documents about usrp and labview. It is said that sample per symbol has been concerned with pulse haping and match filter.  But PSK System parameters blocks also use symbol per symbol option. I'm really confused. Would I send only one IQ baseband symbol from and receive one IQ baseband symbol at the What is the important of sample per symbol exactly? Would anyone explain it please? 


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the mentioned examples are based on the Modulation Toolkit. The minimum samples per symbol are two. So, this is a Modulation Toolkit limitation. 


Hope this could be helpful. 



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