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Can NI-USRP be worked on GNU Radio?

I am trying to build FPGA/Firmware images on my NI USRP 2930 to make it work with GNU Radio framework. I have tried with the Firmware and FPGA images of n200, n210 and b200 to no avail. The error that I have been encountering in the process is : "The FPGA image selected is not valid for the selected hardware. The revision numbers do not match" Can anybody help me out in this process? Thanks in advance.


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Hi Ammar95,


I reccomend contacting Ettus support. Using the GNU Radio toolchain is certainly possible on a USRP 2930, but it requires some additional steps that Ettus will be familiar with. For reference, your 2930 is a N210 with a WBX daughterboard. 

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