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Bit error rate calculation

HI, i am using Tx and Rx vis from the following link. i want to calculate bit error rate or SNR from Rx vi. Can any one help me?

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Please tell us a little more about your application.  What specific VI are you using?  Is it an example VI you found online?  Have you already been trying to program in LabVIEW (if this is the program you are using)?  If so, where are you stuck?  Or are you getting errors?  What error coe are you getting?  Can you attach a simplified program that you are already working on?  Are you using any toolkits, such as modulation toolkit?



Jonathan R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Dear Jonathan R.,

i am not expert in Labview. i know some basics but not such very complex vi' is an example vi that i  fond online.there are two vi's i found at given link. one vi transmin video and other receive it. i want to find the BER or SNR at receiver vi.i dont know how to start. i am using USRP 2920.please help me to solve this problem.

yes i am using the same vi given in link  below

we want to make adoptive modulator which adoptively alocate the best modulation scheme based on SNR or BER (BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM , 64QAM)

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If you could please be a little more descriptive on the exact issue you're facing that would be great.  Where in the program are you having issues?  Where have you tried to make modifications?   Do you have a SIMPLIFIED version of your code?  If so, could you upload that?  



Jonathan R.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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dear friend, did you solve the problem??  Because I got the question as you do. Please give me a reply.  Thank you!!!!

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Hi, could you describe the issue you are encountering? Could you post screenshots of any errors you see?


Also, if you could post code that reproduces the issue that would help too.



Dale S.
RF Systems Engineer - NI
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