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LabVIEW UI Tips and Tricks - PartI

NI Employee (retired)

I had the chance to make a presentation for NIWeek and our Developer Education Days sessions this year and I decided to focus on highlighting some little known LabVIEW features and techniques that enable you to create very usable and attractive user interfaces.

Just in case you weren't able to make it out to the event in your area, here is all the juicy content:


Windows Application Example

Touch Panel Example

Informative Kiosk Example

In addition to the source code above I recorded videos of all the "how-to" demos, enjoy:

Add Decals to Buttons:

Using Tooltips:

Hide the LabVIEW Toolbar:

Customize the Run-Time Menu:

Recoloring Graphs:

Use the busy cursor:

Using panes:

Spawn dialogs:

Panel backgrounds:

Create decorations in PowerPoint:

Transparent indicators:

Transparent PNGs in a picture ring: