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How do I log into the SystemLink server from my mobile phone?

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How do I log into the SystemLink server from my mobile phone?Is there a friend who can help?I want to know the process of login server.Is it also necessary to install a systemlink client on the phone?

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The SystemLink Server should have an IP address or URL that you need to be able to reach from your mobile phone.


Then it's as simple as browsing to it with your web browser, like (http or https) https://my.systemlink.server or

André (CLA, CLED)
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I know what you mean.The problem is that when the phone logs in with the browser, it says "not accessible”。If I use a computer, I need the SystemLink Client  connect to the server host.But the phone doesn't seem to have the SystemLink Client software.So now I'm confused.o(╥﹏╥)o

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Its likely because your phone doesn't have access to your server.  If your server is on your local network, you would need to ensure you phone is connected to wifi that has access to the same network or have VPN access.

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Accepted by topic author FTO-JAY

The SystemLink Client is the software you install on a test system that allows it to be managed by a SystemLink Server and allows local applications like LabVIEW and TestStand to publish data to the server.


To access the web interface all you need is a browser whether you are using a PC, tablet, or phone.  However, the web interface is not optimized for a very small phone so the grids will be really squished.  

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