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Create a dashboard tile with a custom Jupyter Notebook

I am trying to work out how to display my custom Jupyter Notebook data in a newly created dashboard tile. 

Following the OEE Health.ipynb example worked, however I was unable to link another Jupyter Notebook as a data source.

Choosing another data source only allows me to select the example OEE Health Notebook (see screenshot below).




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Thanks for the screenshot 😊

Two initial questions:

  • What version of SystemLink Server are you running?
  • Does this happen on a newly created dashboard?


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Thank you for your prompt reply. 


I am using SystemLink 2021 R1.

The dashboard was newly created but I also tried using an older dashboard.


I noticed that I could only include the "OEE Health.ipynb" as a data source. However, there are other notebooks in the same path (C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Skyline\JupyterHub\notebooks\_shared\reports). Firstly, why are the other notebooks not visible, despite having the same path? Secondly, I would like to add my own notebooks as a data source, which are not preinstalled. Am I missing a mechanism to make the notebooks available as a data source? 


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Do the other notebooks show up in the Reports page?

If so, can you check for the version of a notebooks that show up in one place vs the other?


In the Jupyter environment:

1. Upload the notebook

2. select the parameters cell

3. Select the gears in the top-right of the window 

4. look for the version at the bottom of the JSON object in the cell metadata

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