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Configure Systemlink with AWS DocumentDB

Hello all,


I was wondering whether anyone managed to configure Systemlink with AWS DocumentDB. Currently we have our Systemlink server running in an EC2 instance.


For data backup and easier management of the EC2 instance I would like to move the MongoDB to a DocumentDB instance.


Anybody done this already? Any luck? 


The most relevant documentation for this I found in the operation handbook under 2.5 (


Thanks for any hints! 

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Hi Mo718,


Thank you for the question. While we greatly improved our support for remote instances of MongoDB in SystemLink 2021R1, we do not yet support AWS DocumentDB. You can self host a MongoDB instance and replica sets. If you need a managed (aaS) version of MongoDB, I recommend MongoDB Atlas. Atlas is fully supported by SystemLink 2021 R1. For more details, refer to

NI App Software R&D
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I'm curious what everyone's thoughts on AWS DocumentDB are and weather they would choose this over a self managed mongo setup. Worth the added cost or just a complete waste of time and money?







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Hello MarkBlack,


sorry for my late response. I have seen the support for MongoDB Atlas already though this is not supported in our AWS subnet. The reason for using DocumentDB is easier backup and clustering/reliability of the database (rather than using the inbuild database which is hosted on the same EC2 instance as Systemlink). If in future, DocumentDB could be supported I would be very happy about this (or maybe provide inbuilt tools for easier Database backup/management or maybe just documentation for best use scenario).



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When you reference subnet are you referring to AWS Regions? I'm curious which zone you are hosting your app in?


NI App Software R&D
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