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Announcing SystemLink 2020 R4

SystemLink 2020 R4.png

SystemLink 2020 R4 is out now and available for download.


This release includes notable improvements for asset management and enhanced security functionality.


Key Updates include:


Role-Based Access Control

Single sign-on support—Configure SystemLink to authenticate using OpenID Connect so users can access SystemLink with their existing credentials, identity, and access levels in your organization.

SystemLink Operations Handbook—Further customize your Systemlink setup with more advanced open-source scripting solutions for situations like migrating or restoring data.


Systems Management

Installation progress—Systems Manager lists software installation progress for NI Linux RT systems.


Asset Management

Manual asset addition—Add assets from SystemLink Web Application to manage both NI assets and third-party assets.

Custom calibration intervals—Define calibration intervals to match varying calibration schedules across your assets.


Measurement Data Management

Query condition storage—Store DataFinder queries directly on the server.

Data integrity rules—Define data integrity rules to ensure that all data entering the SystemLink file service meets metadata requirements for your data analysis purposes.


Web Application

WebVI hosting—Host a WebVI in SystemLink to securely share it with users on the server.


For additional information, view the Manual.

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