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Systemlink Python Framework (nisystemlink-clients-python) Error Recovery

I have a systemlink Python application running and working that is essentially the following simplified code (error checks were removed for simplicity):


httpCfg = HttpConfiguration(server_uri="http://localhost:9090", username="admin", password="test")
mgr = TagManager(httpCfg)
with ExitStack() as stack:
     paths = ["tags*"]
     selection = stack.enter_context(mgr.open_selection(paths))
     subscription.tag_changed += on_tag_changed
          while True:
     except KeyboardInterrupt:
My question is, how can a loss of socket communication be detected (e.g. if the Ethernet cable is removed), in order to reinitialize from the HttpConfiguration (I assume that's where the reinitialization would have to occur)?
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