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SystemLink 19.5 doesn't automatically start NI COBRA Naming Service

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Both an upgrade to SystemLink 19.5 and a new installation into Windows Server 2016 where no NI products were previously installed has resulted in a problem with the NI COBRA Naming Service not being automatically started.  This results in the error "Could not connect with the server" with the detailed error message "Bad Request: EXCEPTION: CORBA::TRANSIENT (TRANSIENT)" or "Bad Request: EXCEPTION: CORBA:SystemException (BAD_PARAM)".  You must manually start the service.


How can the NI COBRA Naming Service service be configured to start automatically?  


Full details about the installation, the error, and how to manually start the COBRA Naming Service can be found at the link below: 


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Accepted by topic author markwkiehl

Solved!  See the link below for instructions on how to resolve this problem. 

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Hello Mark,
I have also the problem with the NI CORBA Naming Service and want to test your documented solution. The link to your blog entry doesn't work anymore ;-(

Is there an other possibility to get your recipe for solving this situation




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Hello, Thanks for the solution but the link didn't work properly. It is only showing 404 error. Kindly do the needful. Thanks in advance

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