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PXI showing partially connected to systemlink server

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Hi I am trying to connect a PXI 8880 to but it is showing partially connected as the connection Status. It was connecting to the server successfully, but now it is not. I have checked the systemlink server configuration it is all default.I am using selfsigned certificates as the HTTPS: settings. I refered to this article( for help but was unsucessful in resloving the issue. I have also tried to connect a cRio but i am having the same problem. 




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Make sure your self-signed certification isn't expired and that the hostname/IP address on the certificate matches what is listed as the "Preferred host name" in the web server as well as matches how the targets are trying to connect. In general, also verify that your clients can ping your "Preferred host name". 

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Thanks for the help it worked. My systemlink server kept defaulting to us a older expired certificate. When creating a new certificate i also deleted the ::1 setting from the certificate. 

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