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[Data Navigator] How to Browse by folder instead of by year+date?

My Search Area is organized into subfolders (1st 2 screenshots). However, in Browse mode, I can only group by year and month (last screenshot).


How do I get the Browse pane to group files according to the folder hierarchy?


Subfolders in Data Navigator (Search)Subfolders in Data Navigator (Search)Subfolders in DIAdemSubfolders in DIAdem


Year+Month in Data Navigator (Browse)Year+Month in Data Navigator (Browse)

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The short answer is that the Data Navigation web client does not have the ability to automatically show the full native Windows hierarchy.  Instead it has the ability to show a custom-defined hierarchy based on File properties (or in some cases Group properties).  You can create your own custom DataFinder Hierarchy file (*.dfh) using a dialog in DIAdem.  You go to the SCRIPT panel, then choose the following menu:


"Settings >> SystemLink TDM >> DataFinder Hierarchy..."


You have to choose the DataFinder Server by clicking on the "cog" icon at the top of the dialog, then choose either File properties or Group properties, then you can insert the levels of the custom hierarchy, with each level corresponding to one property that has been indexed by that DataFinder.  This dialog just gives you the option to pick custom properties that are of datatype=string, but it's possible to use numeric or datetime properties by tweaking the XML of the *.dfh file directly.


The you go to the "Remote Access" part of that DataFinder's configuration page and choose to upload the user-defined *.dfh file you just created:

Remote Access.png

You will be prompted to stop the DataFinder, then you'll need to restart it for the new hierarchy to begin broadcasting.


Finally you connect to the "Browse" tab of the Data Navigation web client, hit refresh or close and reopen a tab for that DataFinder, and you'll see your custom hierarchy:

Data Navigator.png


This is the only option you have to begin to approximate your folder structure in the Data Navigation web client (or any other ASAM-ODS clients that connect to this DataFinder).


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