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DSN / ODBC / BI Connector for MongoDB

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, for a while now to create a System DSN that will connect to a BI Connector for the MongoDB that SystemLink uses.  The reason for doing this is to allow our data analysis software, Spotfire, to be able to access the test data (via DSN / ODBC) that is uploaded to SystemLink.


I have figured out how to get the BI Connector to connect to the MongoDB.  I am stuck at trying to create a System DSN that can connect to the BI Connector.  I have disabled authorization in the mongodb.conf file.  The MongoDB is listening on port 27017, and the BI connector is listening on port 3307.


I have attached screenshots of my DSN configuration and the error message that occurs.


I appreciate any support.  This process has been painful.








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I know this is super old, but I wonder if you managed to get this worked out?

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