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Announcing SystemLink 2021 R1

R1 Hero.pngSystemLink 2021 R1 is out now and available for download.


This exciting release includes a new navigation experience for accessing applications across modules and a unified systems grid to access system information, monitor test operations, and manage test data.


Key Updates include:


  • Improved navigation—SystemLink Web Application now uses universal left navigation.



System and Asset Management

  • Timestamp support for alarms—Trigger alarms based on timestamp tag data.
  • Properties and tag values for systems—Configure the systems grid to show tag values and properties for each system.



  • Custom properties for systems and assets—Configure the systems and assets grid to show custom properties.
  • System and asset grouping—Group systems and assets by any attribute, such as operating system, the workspace the system belongs to, or custom properties you define.



  • Support for advanced Mongo configuration—Connect to a remote MongoDB server instance whose configuration requires parameters. SystemLink now supports MongoDB Atlas. Refer to the SystemLink Operations Handbook for more information on advanced Mongo configuration.
  • Asset health monitoring—View health tags and active alarms for any asset with out of the box sensor data for PXI chassis.

Test Insights

  • Improved time filtering for test results—More easily filter test results by week, month, or year to date.



  • Additional TestStand data logging—Capture additional UUT data, including an "Include in Report" flag for variables and support for clusters and arrays.

Measurement Data Management

  • Workspace-specific data indexing and integrity rules—Apply different indexing and integrity rules depending on the kind of data you upload to SystemLink.



  • Amazon S3 storage—File Service now provides optional support for using S3 as its storage backend.
  • Analysis automation and execution privileges—Define which users can approve and reject analysis automation procedures. Assign the "Approve and reject procedures" privilege in Access Control.

Web Application

  • User account settings—View information for your SystemLink account, including your assigned workspaces and roles.

For additional information, view the Manual for New Features.

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