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Reproduce Switch Executive MAX GUI in LV



I particularly like the MAX GUI to visualize which routes are associated to which route groups (cf. pic attached).

Is there any way to call it / reproduce it within a LV2009 VI ? 


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Unfortunately, there's no express VI for switches in LabVIEW palette. The only way to have this feature is to use MAX or Switch Executive.


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How is made the grid visualization in MAX ? Is it through a .NET object ?

There is really no way reproduce it ?


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There are three main things you would have to do here to get the visualization you're looking for.  There is no built in way to do this so it will take some programming
1) Poll the switch module to see what relays are currently connected.  Use the Get Number of Relays property in the Module Characteristics section of a switch property node to determine how many relays your switch module has.  Then use that number to have a for loop iterate through each relay and run the Get Relay Position.vi
2) This will return the position of each of the relays of your switch module.  Depending on the topology, these relays will determine what physical connections are being completed.  The NI Switches Help will explain how the relays are connected for each topology.

3) For each relay connected, or each channel connected, you will have to use a 2D Picture Control to output the desired connection in graphical form.  You could overlay several 2D Picture Controls, by default each is transparent, and then send a pre-defined picture to each based on the relay positions.

As I said this will require a bit of programming, but should result in the desired behavior.
Eric S.
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National Instruments
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