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PXI-2532 relay manufacturer and model number?

I am considering the PXI-2532 for a very low energy application and need to know the specific relay manufacturer and model number.  Any one know where this is documented?
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The PXI-2532 uses a relay from Meder's CRR family, the CRR05-BV50543.



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Thanks Jason,


I found relay replacement instructions for the PXI-2532 in NI Switch Help and it listes the Meder CRR05-1A.  I'm unable to find a data sheet for the  CRR05-BV50543 on the Meder website, might I ask the source of that part number and if you know if there's a data sheet available?


I'm a little confused...


PXI-2532 Specification, physical characeristics section, indicates relay contact material is Rhodium


Meder catalog desctiprion for the CRR05-1A indicates gold plated "leads"


I suspect the suffix on the part number you provided may include contact plating options etc. but can't confirm from the Meder website.



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Hey Darrow,


The CRR05-1A is an equivalent replacement for the 2532.  The relay contact material is Rhodium on both; this refers to the plating on the internal contact and reed, which are sealed in a tube containing a noble gas and vacuum.  We use Rhodium because it has no stable oxides and therefore doesn't build up oxidation from the spark that occurs each time we make a connection.  Externally, we plate the relay contacts with gold because gold resists environmental oxidation and maintains a lower path resistance than oxidized copper.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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