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How to fix broken picture image of oval buttons

I am running Labview 6.1 Professional.

I am having some trouble with the Oval buttons in Labview 6.1 Recently, they stopped working. Please refer to my attchment below. The screen capture shows my current problem. It’s seems that the images for some of the buttons have been corrupted or otherwise changed.

If I load an existing program with these buttons, they also have some trouble.

I have uninstalled Labview, then manually deleted the labview6.1 folder, re-installed the program, but the problem still remains.

How can I update just the file that contains the function or images for these buttons?

Hase anyone else had this trouble?
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I think I have found the solution to the problem. I recently installed a program for evaluation.

The program was GenCam viewer from RSI.

The problem was fixed when I un-installed GenCam.
I think there was some shared .DLL interaction.

Re-installing Labview did not help prior to removal of GenCam. The problem also effected a .exe file made from a PC without the problem. (Strange...)
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